Owner Managed Businesses

Owner Managed Business

Owner managed businesses (OMBs) account for a huge share of UK industries and we are proud to support many clients that fall in to this category. We recognise that one of the most common factors affecting OMBs is time – juggling life and work commitments is more difficult than ever when the two are inextricably linked. 

How we can help
We see our role as being much more than just your bean counter or the people that do your tax return. Rather, we are the principal advisor to our owner/manager clients. We understand the necessity for the day to day compliance but it’s all the extra advice and assistance that we bring to the table that builds trust, and saves time.

Common questions raised by our OMB clients include: How do I grow my business from a lifestyle business to a tradable asset? What investment in systems should I make now to benefit my business in the long term? What’s my exit route? How do I pass responsibility for business growth on to the next generation?

All of these questions involve calculations and tax issues; but they also get to the heart of a business. With our extensive experience of working with OMBs across a wide range of sectors we are confident that we can show you the bigger picture and help you achieve your full potential – whilst keeping an even balance between life and work.


Meet some of our Owner Managed Business specialists:

Greg  Callan

Greg Callan
Partner & Head of Entrepreneurial Services
01786 451745

Charles  Cleary

Charles Cleary
01389 765238

Graeme Finnie

Graeme Finnie
Managing Partner & Head of Corporate Advisory
0141 221 2984

Stephen  Hughes

Stephen Hughes
0141 221 2984

Anne  Laverock

Anne Laverock
Senior Tax Manager
0141 221 2984

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